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Welcome to the Secret Women's Business Network.

Let’s face it, in the world of business there are inequalities in how the sexes perform.

Rather than waste precious energy getting upset about that, it’s time to use our natural gifts, combined with large dollops of practical business advice and training, to make our own niches in this world. The Secret Women’s Business Network focuses on the following

  • ensuring members receive the very best in business foundation training (how many of us have “started a business” by putting up a website… secretly we knew that wasn’t a business, that’s a stab in the dark)
  • hothousing women’s natural talents as a basis for how you do business
  • encouraging masterminding and collaboration at all levels and providing tools and tips on how to best do that
  • pushing you to be the best you can be by accountability checks, not just dumping you to find your own way
More and more women are becoming prominent in the marketing world and the interesting thing is they are proving we can be successful and do business OUR way.

Doing business OUR WAY has its drawbacks. It can be lonely, be fraught with uncertainty and when every “guru” says you are doing it wrong, well that puts a bit of a dent in the confidence. Thus the birth of the Secret Women’s Business Network.