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SWBN Bitesize #47: You’ll Never Do A Whole Lot Unless You’re Brave Enough to Try

There are so many other business lessons I think can be learned from Dolly Parton. Whether you love her or hate her you can’t deny that she has had great success and endured in a business where so many disappear.

I made notes of other great lessons I picked up while reading Dolly Parton’s…

SWBN Bitesize #46: Don’t Apologize for Being You

Too often in business I see people trying to fit in and please everyone, and as a result they lose a little bit of themselves. Something that is very clear about Dolly Parton from her biography is that she is aware of all the criticism that people throw at her  but she doesn’t let that…

SWBN Bitesize 45: Use the Best People

Early on in this series we talked about not making excuses for what you don’t have and making the best of what you do. If you spend your time making excuses you will never actually start DOING anything! But you should also be aware of your weaknesses and know when it’s time to bring in…

SWBN Bitesize 44: Communicate in Different Ways

Anyone who knows anything about Dolly Parton will know that as well as being a singer she has also starred in movies (some vastly better than others), had her own TV show and written a number of books. She may not have done all of them well all the time but she has never been…

SWBN Bitesize 43: Reinvent Yourself

We’re all familiar with the concept of music artists having to reinvent themselves to appeal to new audiences, but how does that apply to your business?