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Something for the Weekend: 13th May 2011 | Secret Women's Business Network

Something for the Weekend: 13th May 2011

Another plethora of great blog posts again this week. Enjoy!

If You Read Just One Thing

The Maketer’s Manifesto: Anyone else sick of the buzzword “shipping” yet? Have you noticed the average person doesn’t have a clue what you mean when you say it? Can you tell it’s a personal bugbear? (it reminds me of corporate management jargon and I wonder whether Seth Godin has any clue that marketers jump with glee whenever he gives them a new word or phrase to peddle to death?). Anyway, leaping off my soapbox again, this could be a new buzzword: Maketer (yes, you read it correctly NOT marketer but maketer). Well, David Gillespie explains the difference between a maketer and everyone else.


All Things Business Related

How To Use Facebook Questions As Free Research: I’ve been doing some tests with Facebook questions on some of my niche pages and collecting interesting and unexpected responses. This post from All Facebook explains why it’s such a useful tool for small businesses.

Photoshop Secret Shortcuts: If you use Photoshop a lot, these shortcuts will be a major timesaver!

10 Proven Strategies for Greater Likeability on Facebook: A nice article on Mashable giving solid tips and advice on how to get noticed and “liked” on Facebook.

Just because I’m Home Doesn’t Mean I’m H-O-M-E!: We were recording a new Trouble with Freedom podcast (see below) this week on the topic of Family and Friends including how – when you work from home – you are perceived as being free to do other things, like hosting guests, chatting, playing with the kids or, in this case, doing the housework. So, I was interested to read this post from Nicole Dean’s blog where a bunch of experts discuss how they deal with this situation.


One of My Own

Trouble with Freedom Podcast: The Discipline: I know I’ve plugged this a couple of times now via the SWBN blog and newsletter but this seems particularly relevant following the Maketer’s Manifesto. In this podcast episode, Allison and I talk Discipline, but with particular emphasis on the fact that no amount of productivity tools and lists are going to make a blind bit of difference if you aren’t actually “doing” something (Shipping/Making – whatever buzzword you want to choose) with them.


As always, thanks to you all for sharing your favorites with me. If you’ve loved something this week and feel it deserves some recognition, please share it below.

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