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Bad Times Happen

bad times happen

Yes, things have been pretty quiet around here lately. There’s a reason (or series of reasons) for that. And it’s prompted me to write a post about something that not many people talk about in the business world – especially not the online business world. The Bad Times. Most business coaches/mentors/gurus/leaders that you have contact…

Something for the Weekend: 29th October 2011

something for the weekend

For those of you keeping track, there was no Something for the Weekend last week. Quite simply, I didn’t read or watch anything business-related online. I was away visiting family and friends and stayed offline as much as possible. This week it’s the opposite…I have have been inundated with fabulous blog posts. Most of them…

Best Business Podcasts for a Long Drive and Maintaining Sanity

best business podcasts

Over the last few weeks I have done a hell of a lot of driving to see family and friends. Unlike many people I know, I actually like driving long distances, which is just as well since I choose to live in Plymouth which is miles from anywhere. You know when you’ve traveled a particular…

Something for the Weekend: 15th October 2011

online business roundup

I’m heading off for a mini break to visit family and friends, but if you’ve got some time on your hands then I hope you enjoy this week’s picks: All Things Business Related How To Save Money On AdWords Placements With Google Analytics - Fantastic post about linking Adwords to Analytics for improved campaigns. How to…

Moo Christmas Cards Discount Code

Moo Christmas Cards

I’m about to do 2 things I never do on this blog: Blatantly promote an affiliate product Talk about Christmas in October As I’ve already mentioned, I’m a huge fan of Moo Printing (and based on the popularity of that post I’m assuming many of you are too). Well, they sent me an email containing a…

Something for the Weekend: 8th October 2011

something for the weekend

Last week, I was trying to choose between all the great content I’d read. This week, I haven’t had time to read much at all as I had to make an unexpected trip up to my home town and the rest of the week has been catching up with work. So, this week I’m going…

Something for the Weekend: 1st October 2011

something for the weekend

I’ve read so many great blog posts this week that it’s hard to narrow them down to just the most essential, but this is what I recommend you take a look at this week: Facebook Secure Hosting There’s been a lot of panicking about Facebook Secure Hosting this week and what it means for page…

Google Web Fonts

google web fonts

This week’s Cool Tool comes courtesy of Allison Reynolds, during one of our pre/post Trouble with Freedom recording chats (they’re usually longer than the actual podcasts). Allison is a total fonts fiend. Now, I like a nice font as much as the next person, but when it comes to websites I’m just happy if it…